Red Light Cameras


In our efforts to improve public safety and prevent traffic accidents throughout the community the Village of South Chicago Heights has installed “photo enforcement” cameras at the intersections of Sauk Trail and Chicago Road and Sauk Trail and State Street. Implementation of the “red light cameras” will hopefully reduce fatalities and severe personal injury due to driver carelessness or reckless disregard for the law.

Red Light Violation On-Line Payments

If you wish to pay your violation, you may do so by clicking this link.  Red Light Payments

Locations of Red Light Cameras in the Village of South Chicago Heights

  • Sauk Trail and Chicago Road (North/East Corner) westbound traffic on Sauk Trail. 
  • Sauk Trail and State Street (South/West Corner) eastbound traffic on Sauk Trail. 
  • State Street and Sauk Trail (North/West Corner) southbound traffic on State Street.

Supporting Information