Chief’s Message 

I am very proud of the professional staff of the South Chicago Heights Police Department. It is an honor for all of us to serve this community and enjoy the high quality of life in South Chicago Heights. Effective policing involves the entire community united in a team effort. All of you are an integral part of this team and we always welcome your suggestions and comments. I remain passionate in policing and it is my goal to lead the South Chicago Heights Police Department by creating and maintaining an environment of safety and security within our Community, while delivering quality police services. 

Front of the South Chicago Heights police building


Our department maintains a staff  of a Chief, Deputy Chief, Lieutenant, Sergeants, Detectives, Juvenile and Patrol Officers. The Investigative and Patrol Officers work together in enforcing both the Illinois Complied Statutes and the Village of South Chicago Heights Municipal Code. Our officers conduct protective and preventive patrol throughout the Village. 

Spirit of Cooperation & Mutual Trust

The South Chicago Heights Police Department is dedicated to fostering a spirit of cooperation and mutual trust within the community, and is committed to finding new ways to create an atmosphere of safety by: 

  • Enforcing the law and preserving the peace
  • Openly communicating with our partners
  • Working with the community to solve current and future problems and
  • Constantly training and remaining open in learning. 

Our mission is designed to promote an improved standard of living in the Village of South Chicago Heights. 

Police Mission Statement 

The primary mission of the South Chicago Heights Police Department is to treat all with respect and dignity. We strive to provide service and protection to the residents, businesses and visitors of South Chicago Heights. As members of the Police Department, we pledge to make the village a safe and pleasant place to live, work, and visit while representing ourselves, and the village, in a positive manner.

Shared Principles by SCH Police Department

When we become a police officer, we take an oath to treat all individuals with dignity and respect. One of the things I’m incredibly proud of is our Ten Shared Principles which are designed to build trust between law enforcement and communities of color. These principles were adopted in 2018 by the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police and the Illinois NAACP State Conference. We call them “shared principles” because our two associations mutually and deeply believe in the words themselves and the values underlying these principles. It is the first document of its kind in the United States between a statewide civil rights organization and a statewide law enforcement association. This document embodies everything we as police stand for: treating everyone with dignity and respect, rejecting discrimination, building trust and strong relationships within our communities, endorsing the values of community policing, and supporting diversity within our organizations.