Liquor Licenses

License Requirements

A license for the sale of alcoholic liquor within the Village of South Chicago Heights is a regulated privilege subject to the conditions of the Illinois Liquor Control Act and controlled by the local Liquor Commissioner. The total number of available licenses is determined by the Village Board of Trustees.


License applications are processed by the Village Clerk’s office. The one-time non-refundable administration application fee is $275.00 paid with the initial application. In addition, a $50 fingerprinting fee is required for each applicant, including the manager of the applying establishment. After fingerprinting and a background check have been completed, the results will be given to the Liquor Commissioner who will make a recommendation to the Village Board. Applications for liquor licenses are approved at the following regularly scheduled Village Board of Trustee meeting. If approved, the liquor license will be issued by the Village Clerk.

All liquor licenses are valid from the date issued to the following April 30th. Applications for license renewal are mailed to current license holders on or about April 1st each year.

Liquor license classification and fees can be found on the South Chicago Heights Code of Ordinances.

Please contact the Village Clerk's Office at 708-755-1880 if you have any questions regarding the liquor license application process.