Owner Occupied & Tenants Property Maintenance

  • Maintain all exterior surfaces of your dwelling and accessory structures (i.e. decks, screens, windows, gutters, fences, sheds, private walks, and correct all peeling paint).
  • Identify your dwelling unit with address numbers at least four (4) inches in height and visible from the street.
  • Maintain plumbing fixtures in a clean and operable condition at all times.
  • Ensure electrical outlets are not overloaded with extension cords supplying other electrical appliances.
  • Store paints, gasoline, and other combustible materials in secure containers to prevent explosions and fires.
  • Ensure ventilating entrances, i.e. screens and windows, to your home or apartment are secured to prevent explosions and fires.
  • Work with your owner, manager, or agent in eliminating rodent or insect problems in your home or apartment.
  • Provide the Code Enforcement Department with the information required on the Rent/Lease application, including notification of any increase, decrease, or changes (subleasing) of occupancy.