I’m a property owner and want to rent my home?

In accordance with a Crime-Free Housing Program Ordinance 2019-14, any property not occupied by legal owner is considered a rental dwelling and requires a Residential Rental License. Upon request, a copy of the Crime-Free Program Ordinance can be provided.

  • Notify the Building Department at 708-755-1880 ext. 112
  • Complete the Residential License Application (PDF).
  • Review the Inspection Checklist (PDF). The checklist is comprised of the compliance codes that will be reviewed during the inspection. A Compliance Inspection is required. After inspection, owner will be provided with a non-compliance report listing violations.
  • Ownership documents and payment must be provided to the Building Department before you can schedule a Compliance Inspection. inspection includes 1st & final and expires 90 days from initial inspection date.

It is your responsibility to read through both the Ordinance and Checklist. Should you have any questions please see the Building Department Clerk.

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1. I’m a property owner and want to rent my home?
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