Public Works Department

3275 Butler Ave.
South Chicago Heights, IL 60411
Monday - Friday (8am - 4:30pm)

Director: Rick Wehrle

Rick WehrleRick has been a South Chicago Heights resident for the last 49 years. Rick served four years in the U.S. Air Force as a Jet Fighter Mechanic. After Rick was discharged from the service, he worked for Reichert Builders as a Carpenter building residential custom homes. In 1997 Rick became an employee of the South Chicago Heights Public Works Department. Rick became certified as a Class C License Water Operator. In March 2008, Rick became the Director of the Public Works Department. Rick is married and has three children and three grandchildren.

To contact the Director, you can email him at rwehrle@southchicagoheights.com.

Services our department provides:

Branch Pick –up (free service):

This program is a free service to our residents. It runs on Wednesday from April through November. Residents must put branches on front parkway. Branches should be four (4) inches in diameter or smaller. Anything over four (4) inches in diameter, which includes logs, tree stumps, and are large limbs, must be trimmed of small limbs and cut to a width of four (4) inches in diameter and approximately five (5) feet long.

Hydrant Flushing:

The flushing of water hydrants begins in the Spring and is continued through the Fall on Tuesdays.

Leaf  Pick-Up (free service): 

DO NOT rake leaves into the street. Leaves must be put into plastic bags and placed at the curb in the parkway. Dates and times will be announced in a mailing.

Any questions regarding these programs, you may call the Public Works Department at 755-7888.

Spring clean-up (free service-Operation Pride): Two days in April in which the Village Hall and Star/Homewood Disposal designate as special days for removal of big items on a regular garbage day. Unlimited bulk items and unlimited amounts of refuse will be picked up.  Advance notification of these specific days is always provided. Excluded items: electronic devices, automotive parts over 50 lbs, automotive tires, and construction or demolition material.

Storm Sewer


Our storm sewer system is designed to drain excess rain and ground water from our streets sidewalks, parking lots and roofs. In the Village of South Chicago Heights, there are two main types of storm water drain inlets; side inlets and grated inlets.

Side inlets are the typical type seen adjacent to curbs in our streets. This type relies greatly on the curb to block in water, which is why they are typically depressed at the invert; to improve the ability to capture a greater amount of water.

Grated inlets have gratings or grids to prevent large objects and/or debris from mixing into the sewer system. Unfortunately, many small objects are able to fall through, due to the wide spacing in the grids. Catch basins or sumps are able to catch many of the foreign objects because they are located directly below the grating.

Storm Water Pollutants

Many common contaminants enter the storm sewer system, such as:

  • Gasoline
  • Motor Oil
  • Heavy Metals
  • Trash and other pollutants
  • Fertilizers
  • Pesticides
  • Nickel
  • Copper
  • Zinc
  • Cadmium
  • Lead
  • Nitrates
  • Phosphorus

With proper awareness and precaution, many ordinary tasks can be completed in a more safe and clean manner. Listed below are links with information pertaining to the improvement of our storm drainage system.

Tips for Preventing Storm Water Pollution

Storm Water Runoff

Maintaining Your Sewer or Septic System

Street Sweeping (free service): This service is performed twice a year during the Spring and Fall (weather permitting).


public works picture

Full Time

Director: Rick Wehrle
Water Meter Reader: Mike Hall
Laborer: Ted Bednarek
Laborer: William Joyce III
Laborer: Mark Martin
Laborer: Archie Stone


  • Ford F-8000 Sewer Jetter: Jett and clean main line sewers
  • Case 580E Backhoe: Dig main breaks, load salt trucks, load debris
  • Ford F-800 Big Red Dump Truck: Salt and plow truck, converts to Chipper truck in the summer.
  • International 4900 Big Red Dump Truck: Plow and salt truck
  • Ford F-350 Blue Dump Truck: Small jobs hauling dirt, sand, stone
  • 2 - White F-350 Pick-up Trucks
  • White Chevy 3500 pick-up Truck
  • Chevy 3500 (diesel) Blue Box Truck
  • Chevy Silverado Ambulance: Transport summer help to job Site
  • Chevy Light Truck: Used on Main breaks
  • Brush Bandit Branch Chipper
  • Black International Trailer
  • Lee Boy 300T Asphalt Roller
  • 175 Q Sullir Jack Hammer and Compressor
  • 2155 John Deere Flail Mower With Front Bucket
  • JD301-A John Deere Flail Mower With Front Bucket
  • 750 John Deere With Rear Befco Mower
  • 318 John Deere Garden Tractor With Mowing Deck